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Welcome Friend; to Mystic Haven, one of the last free cities of Norune in the war against the demonic hoards of The Shadow. Come and have some food and drink and enjoy the safety while it lasts...
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 Just some rules.

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Keena Sera
Keena Sera

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PostSubject: Just some rules.   Sat May 23, 2009 2:49 pm

So I just wanted to leave a few rules here for everyone to keep in mind.

1. There is to be no excessive swearing. If any of the Mods are Admins feel you are abusing you will be warned three times in private. If you continue to ignore your warnings you will be kicked from the Haven.

2. No excessive sex! This means you may address it, flirt and even have contents of it in rpgs and writings. However permission must be given by an Admin or Mod before it is posted so content warnings can be posted. Remember not everyone will be 18 and over all of the time.

3. No racisim. If you are keep it to yourself, we do not want to hear it. You will recieve three warnings in private, you refuse to listen again you will be removed.

4. No verbal banter, unless it is in good natured jesting. But I do not want anyone trying to start fights with anyone else. There will be two warnings for this and again if ignored you will be removed no questions asked.

5. All Admins will be known as Princess or Prince, after myself and Zain who are king and queen. All mods will have the title lord or lady, this way or titles can help other memebers know who they can turn to for help.

6. HAVE FUN!!!
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Just some rules.
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