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Welcome Friend; to Mystic Haven, one of the last free cities of Norune in the war against the demonic hoards of The Shadow. Come and have some food and drink and enjoy the safety while it lasts...
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 Beware - My odd poetry lies beyond...

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Lady Ariah
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Lady Ariah

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PostSubject: Beware - My odd poetry lies beyond...   Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:51 am


Overwhelming at times yet strength perseveres.
This being of mine, slowly shivering tears.
A moments respite. Victory? Don't quit.
Simple breaths taken slowly, thoughts questioning boldly.
Belief in ones self, still unsure of heart's wealth...

Carrying on with little delay; a bold, grandeur, slight posh sort of way.
Implications, correlations, distraction.
Wait. Continue.

Desire to do, to provide, yet still need,
Some piece of reality that cannot be seen.
Daring to try what once had been failed
New paths overturned, new courses unveiled.
Adventures begun, refreshing legends are spun.

Reassurance in such priceless journeys, drunken, gambling, picturesque loonies.
Timeless, blindness, sublime.
Yesterday. Tomorrow.

Forgetting the reason for the rhyme in the wind.
Waiting for time, knowing that time never ends.
Shadows of doubt, aggressively stout,
Ignore maddening pain, consistently sane.
A moments respite. Victory? Don't quit... it is nearing.
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Beware - My odd poetry lies beyond...
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